Sri Lankan Naked Model in Red Dress

We have found these photos from facebook and now they are not available. It was mentioned these naked model is sri lankan, but we are unable to prove that. Looks like this is Thai model but probably this may be a mixed sinhala girl lives in colombo.

Anyway you don't need the birth certificates of this girl, so just taste her beauty. But this is not an actual sri lankan beauty, there are lots of more beautiful sri lankan girls photos are available in online such as Anarkali, but they don't in this kind of sex photos.


  1. kolla..nipples nathuwa wedi hari yanne nene.....ewa witharakwath pennahanko ban

  2. hukahan kariyo tho...uba okkoma balala apita thoge ganida?????

  3. uda comment 1ka nam hari wage.wesige putha meta hodai noda hitiyanam


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